Morten Moesgaard
Odense, South Denmark, Denmark


Experienced Operations Specialist with a strong background in Zabbix monitoring, automation solutions, and system administration. Certified in Zabbix (v3, v5, v6).
Proficient in multiple programming languages, including Python, PHP, and JavaScript.
Committed to optimizing IT operations and delivering efficient solutions.
Services that has been explored through my working experience are DNS, Webserver, Databases, Video encoding, Data extraction and Website scraping.
Worked with SEO, Websites and optimization of those.


IPW Systems A/S

Oct 2023 – Present

My main resposibility is solve problem in the IPW system.
Also set up Zabbix Monitoring on their VPS farm and Installing an ELK stack along with Filebeat and Logstash to collect and help making search logs for errors easier.

Operations / Monitoring Specialist
TV 2 Danmark

Jul 2016 – Sep 2023

My main responsibility involves Zabbix monitoring, including writing triggers and non-standard item collection scripts. Additionally, I frequently work on internal tooling, which is often based on Zabbix and ServiceNow.
Also used Ansible and docker to create tools and small automations.
Performance and giving advice on services causing problems.
Using linux on a daily basis as-well php or python or bash.
Was part of building up TV2’s Operations Center, from a 9-5 department to a now 24/7/365 department,
where my creation called “ZabbixSnow” is a big part of the setup, as it turns Zabbix alerts in to incident in ServiceNow.
I presented this at Zabbix Conference 2017 where a Colleague and I were speakers.

Group Online A/S (Optimeo A/S)

May 2015 – Jun 2016 (1 year 2 months)

Security and WP plugin development.
Responsible for creating Offsite backup of customers websites, so the company could easily recreate sites by redeploying to a new PLESK server.
Used Php and created new websites via PLESK and also optimized Nginx Servers and Apache.

Volunteer (4th level support of POS)
Roskilde Festival

Jul 2010 – Oct 2015 (5 years 4 months)

In 2010, I started as Level 3 support for POS systems. Over time, my role evolved to a combination of Level 4 support and preparation support for the POS systems. From 2013 onwards, my responsibilities included pre-festival preparation and Level 4 support during the festival. However, I decided to pursue new challenges after 2015. During my time, I also developed an Automation setup script based on PC names. It was written as an exe, but was basically a CMD script with variables and inputs.

Developer / IT manager

Aug 2010 – Apr 2015 (4 years 9 months)

Was a developer on a daily basis, but was responsible for hardware and software was up to date. I worked with Linux ,Php ,Apache ,postfix ,bind/DNS on a daily basis. I had a small on-prem server room I maintained before it was moved to a hosted server provider.
Worked with several services such as ffmpeg, MP4 and created a mail to website integration, that read emails and looked for if any video files was attached, then downloaded them and converted them to web playable/streaming files.
Also created a project called “Elektronisk Egenkontrol”, which was a from the bottom written CMS, with the possibility to create on the fly HTML forms or predefined HTML form, which could help measuring temperatures or calculate how long it would take for a dish to go from Xc to Xc, so say with in 3 hours it should go fra 65c to 10c and then tell how many degrees it should fall within 30 mins. The System was based on this basic CMS I wrote myself.

MoPf system

Mar 2010 – Jul 2010 (5 months)

Developer and freelance jobs basically programming minor projects.
Had several small projects with html, Javascript, css and Php


Oct 2009 – Dec 2009 (3 months)

Helped them develop a website, projects based hire.
I basically rewrote their website and help them create a webshop.
i used Php,HTML, CSS and MySQL,


May 2006 – Dec 2009 (3 years 8 months)
Development and optimization, the website was written by another person, I Then had to correct or optimize if any problems occoured.
Also created new features on this website.

Application developer

Jun 2008 – Apr 2009 (11 months)

Php developer and bugfixer, I was often told the issue, then I had to find the solution by either doing research or find the best solution.
I both used Javascript and Php aswell as HTML.

ISS Serversupport
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Sep 2007 – Apr 2008 (8 months)

I supported the Danish ISS helpline, specializing in ML, DL, BL servers, tape drives/robots. Primarily responsible for tape drives unofficially. Also, spent last 2 months at HP Dublin onsite fixing servers.


Jun 2000 – Jun 2004 (4 years)

basicly started out here with HTML and then worked my way into php, ca 2 years in 2002.


Syddansk Erhvervsskole
IT-supporter, IT
2002 – 2004

Licenses & Certifications

Zabbix 3.0 certified specialist – Zabbix CS-1701-63

Zabbix Certified Specialist 5.0 – Zabbix CS-2110-068

Zabbix Certified Specialist 6.0 – Zabbix CS-2211-114


Php ELK Logstash filebeat Elasticsearch Linux Debian Redhat Zabbix
Nginx HTML5 IT-support HPE

Monitoring server zabbix